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Crop-Vu - The Future of Crop Management, today

About Crop-Vu

About Crop-Vu

We are the industry leader in applying Infrared (8-12 micron) imagery for identification of crop stress, IN REAL-TIME.

Our Hawk-Eye Imaging System facilitates your views of...

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Products & Services

Products & Services

We offer the only thermal (far-IR) stress imaging system; with operator training and image interpretation support...

...locate water, pest, and insect stresses so that you can mitigate them before they become a problem.

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Research & Development

Research & Development

We are pursuing the development and validation of a new method for detecting crop water stress remotely through the measurement of the crop's canopy leaf surface temperature. The correlation between leaf surface temperature and water stress is based on....

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With the hype concerning drones and their contributions to precision agriculture we offer this thought:

The promise is that drones and robots will, to the large extant, make precision agriculture happen. 

But, it is important to keep in mind that drones and robots and aircraft and satellites and trailers with poles and even trees and buildings are only busses

Precision Agriculture is about delivering affordable precise information to the manager / agronomist / irrigation system / tractor / spreader / harvester ….. 

Today Hawk-Eye Systems are delivering precise information and it can be deployed in a variety of affordable ways (on lots of different busses). 

When/if the technology / price point to the customer/acre/day makes a drone or robot affordable; a Hawk-Eye System is ready to jump on the bus.